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Mark Hankey
Nov 20, 2017

I hired Sean for a divorce action where I was the defendant and had two other attorneys that were clearly in over their head. Sean obviously has specialized family law experience that is valuable. I've hired many attorneys for a variety of legal needs, and the more I hire the more I believe that the best value for consumers is a very specialized attorney hired for a very narrow purpose. My only concerns are that the billing methods make it nearly impossible to audit the bill and prevent overbilling. Sean inserted an "earned upon receipt" clause in the client agreement, which in my experience is unusual for a family law attorney. He later said that he only puts that in there so he can move the funds to the operational account. My preferred method of receiving legal advise is by phone because it is more efficient and also it is trackable to phone records, which protects consumers from attorneys padding billing statements to inflate bills. His preferred method of delivering advice is via email, which prevents consumers from being able to dispute a bill that seems to be padded. He also groups items in the bill so that it is impossible to make sure you are not being overbilled. For example he will combine legal research, email responses and phone conversations into one entry. I may have to open a complaint with the Georgia Bar regarding his billing. If consumers could fixed price this legal work or get the attorney to deliver advice by phone, this would give consumers protection.

Terry Lee Snow
Nov 12, 2017

Just want to say thank you, Sean Ditzel is not only a good friend but a brilliant Lawyer, I would and will recommend Abernathy Ditzel,LLC to anyone who needs a great lawyer to represent them.

Oct 16, 2017

Sean was referred to my by another attorney. From the start, I felt comfortable talking to Sean. He was a good listener. He asked the questions that were important for him to understand my past and present situations. My goal was an amicable divorce. For me, what made Sean a great attorney was that he didn’t push me to pursue anything I felt was not necessary to pursue. I believe this allowed both parties (attornies included) where on the same page in regards to what the end goals were. From what I can tell, he was efficient in his time management which saved me money. His edits to all the legal documents where always turned around in a timely manner. I never had to follow up with him on inquiries. Everything settled very peacefully for both parties. I greatly appreciate his service and efforts.

Austin Harris
Sep 06, 2017

Kevin C.
Jul 26, 2017

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